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SoftWave TRT Therapy offers a gentle and holistic approach to pain relief nationwide, escaping the relentless cycle of injections, medications, and surgeries! Now accessible at Experience Health & Wellness Center in Cape Coral, FL!

Neuropathy Relief

SoftWave Therapy stimulates the body's natural healing processes, enhancing blood circulation and cell regeneration to address the underlying causes of neuropathy. This non-invasive treatment reduces nerve pain and improves function by encouraging the repair of damaged nerves and tissues, offering a significant step forward in neuropathy management.

Back Pain Relief

SoftWave Therapy targets the root causes of back pain by promoting increased blood flow and tissue regeneration in affected areas, leading to a significant reduction in discomfort. This innovative, non-invasive treatment method offers a pathway to long-lasting relief by facilitating the body's natural healing mechanisms, effectively addressing both acute and chronic back pain.

Injection Alternatives

Discover a winning approach to pain relief with SoftWave Therapy, where traditional methods like cortisone injections fall short. Embrace this innovative treatment and feel the difference as we chart a new course towards your recovery and well-being.

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Discover a Pain Relief Alternative Without Injections, Drugs, or Surgery in Cape Coral, FL! 

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Plantar Fasciitis

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What's Included in the New Patient $87 Special?

The Special $87 Deal for New Customers on SoftWave TRT Offers:

  • A detailed consultation focusing on your main areas of discomfort
  • A first look at SoftWave Therapy during your Discovery Day, which includes an initial session to evaluate your suitability
  • Professional guidance and a tailored treatment plan designed to address the fundamental cause of your pain

Within the first moments of your session on Discovery Day, we'll identify whether SoftWave Therapy can effectively contribute to your pain relief and recovery process.

Begin your journey toward healing, one SoftWave session at a time - to see is to believe!

Please be aware that while SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Therapy is not eligible for insurance coverage, you may use your HSA/FSA funds for payment.

What is SoftWave Therapy?

SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technologies represent a groundbreaking leap in regenerative medical treatments. This innovative approach has been recognized both nationally and internationally for its effectiveness, supported by clinical trials and FDA approval, demonstrating remarkable results across several studies.

At its core, SoftWave TRT targets the injury site on a molecular level, activating the body's natural healing processes.

The system uses advanced shock wave technology, incorporating an electrohydraulic spark gap mechanism with a specialized parabolic reflector to produce a broad-reaching supersonic acoustic wave. This method ensures extensive area coverage, greatly improving the recovery process.

The benefits of SoftWave therapy are comprehensive and include:

  • Improved circulation and blood flow
  • Reduced inflammation
  • The stimulation and recruitment of endogenous stem cells
  • Enhanced tissue repair, regeneration, and revitalization
  • Relief from both acute and chronic pain
How soon will I feel results from SoftWave treatments? How long are treaments?

Often, we can determine if you're a suitable candidate for our treatment during your initial visit, known as Discovery Day!

Usually, by the third session, most patients experience a significant decrease in pain, ranging from 60% to 75%. On average, after undergoing 6 to 8 sessions, we anticipate reaching peak stem cell production, which continues to contribute to tissue repair and regeneration over the following 8 to 12 weeks. Studies indicate that for musculoskeletal conditions, the effectiveness of this treatment lies between 65% and 91%.

In the 15 to 20 hours following a session, you're likely to observe a notable reduction in pain and swelling, alongside improvements in your range of motion and overall circulation.

The real transformative healing begins 8 to 12 weeks after treatment, which is when the highest concentration of stem cells has been generated and has started the process of repairing the affected area.

Please note, the number of treatments needed can vary based on your specific condition and health objectives, which we will thoroughly discuss during your initial consultation, including a detailed history and examination.

Each treatment session typically lasts between 5 to 15 minutes!

How do I know if I am a candidate for SoftWave Therapy?

Your first visit, dubbed Discovery Day, marks an essential beginning to your therapy journey. In this session, we utilize a cutting-edge device to scan your body. Typically, healthy tissues do not trigger any biofeedback signal. But, when the scanner moves over areas suffering from damage, inflammation, arthritis, scar tissue, or poor circulation, a distinct biofeedback reaction occurs. This reaction strongly suggests that you are a prime candidate for our treatment.

The link between a positive biofeedback response and favorable treatment outcomes is strongly supported by evidence, showing a 65-91% effectiveness rate for treating musculoskeletal issues.

SoftWave Therapy excels in treating a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal problems, ranging from acute to chronic conditions. This encompasses back pain, various disc issues, knee pain from arthritis to runner’s knee, foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis and Morton's neuroma, ankle sprains, hip pain, IT band syndrome, neck pain and headaches, shoulder issues including rotator cuff injuries, elbow pain from tennis elbow to golfer’s elbow, and pain in the hands and wrists like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. It's also highly effective for sports injuries, overuse injuries, and many other common ailments.

Do I have to be an Experience Health & Wellness Center patient to be a SoftWave new patient?

Absolutely not! Although a large portion of our clients at Experience Health & Wellness Center are seeing impressive benefits from combining SoftWave therapy with their chiropractic care, you're equally invited to come in only for SoftWave TRT therapy if you prefer!

SoftWave TRT vs Other Devices?

Revolutionary Advanced Shockwave Technology for Healing!

SoftWaveTRT OrthoGold is protected by over 46 patents!

Distinct from ultrasound or electrical stimulation, SoftWave belongs to an entirely unique category!

It generates powerful shock waves that kickstart the body's natural regeneration right at the cellular level!

SoftWaves are produced through a high-energy electrical discharge in water, where the voltage is released between two electrode tips (positive and negative). This discharge creates a spark gap, evening out the voltage and forming a hot plasma bubble. This bubble then bursts, exerting pressure on the surrounding water, and creating a force greater than 10 MPa in mere nanoseconds.

With our patented parabolic reflector applicator, SoftWave delivers low intensity, yet broadly focused energy in parallel waves. This makes SoftWave technology the leader in BROAD FOCUSED SHOCK WAVE therapy in the market. Thanks to its electrohydraulic shock wave mechanism, which operates faster in water than in air, it achieves profound therapeutic effects without causing any microtrauma.

Experience enhanced healing outcomes across a larger and deeper treatment area!

Shock waves are intense acoustic pulses characterized by a rapid increase in pressure, leading to a swift and sharp peak followed by a relatively minor decrease in pressure (tensile wave).

Radial pressure waves, on the other hand, are acoustic pulses generated pneumatically with a more gradual increase in pressure, resulting in a slower peak and a larger decrease in pressure (tensile wave). These waves are more superficial, with their maximum energy and pressure immediately at the surface of the applicator.

Ultrasound waves consist of regular vibrations within a narrow frequency range and lack the significant peak pressure and rapid onset characteristic of shock waves.

Radial Pressure Wave therapy, which is different from true shock wave therapy, addresses only surface-level issues with a narrow energy field about 2 cm wide and 2 cm deep, roughly the volume of five stacked nickels. Radial pressure waves dissipate energy more rapidly as they move away from their source. These waves are created using a pneumatic system where a projectile is sped up and then abruptly stopped within a transmitter, applying the energy to the target area. However, this energy quickly reduces in intensity deeper within the tissue.

SoftWave Therapy, utilizing a patented parabolic reflector, stands out from other shock wave technologies. It merges the effectiveness of electrohydraulic shock wave creation with a unique applicator design that spreads this energy widely and deeply. This approach has several significant benefits:

  • The area affected by the therapeutic energy is considerably larger (7 cm wide by 12 cm deep, similar to a soup can), increasing treatment efficacy and reducing the number of sessions needed.
  • Unlike radial treatments, SoftWave doesn't depend on creating micro injuries to stimulate healing. Instead, it gently prompts cells to release microvesicles, triggering a quick and safe healing response without damaging the skin.
  • SoftWave's method is backed by science to both attract and activate the body's own stem cells.
  • Additionally, SoftWave can be used diagnostically to precisely locate pain sources through biofeedback, enhancing the precision and efficiency of treatments.